Monday, December 03, 2007

The Drawings of Henri Matisse

Sleeping Gamblers,1994 Amy Crehore 24" x 20" oil on linen
The Tutu, 1995 Amy Crehore, 24"x 20" oil on linen
By John Elderfield (Museum of Modern Art 1984)

Vered Art
I found these two Henri Matisse drawings (above) at Vered Art
I saw a Matisse drawing show at the Museum of Modern Art in the mid-eighties and I picked up this book, "The Drawings of Matisse" by John Elderfield. I was inspired by the drawings in the book to paint the two paintings above which are based on some drawings of sleeping figures by Matisse. Although his art got more and more simplified with time, the underlying power of Matisse's drawing skills cannot be denied. This book can still be found used on amazon. It has some beautiful things in it.
The Art of Amy Crehore

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