Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Blue Skies and Monsters" by Jad Fair

Passengers by Jad Fair
Skeleton Giant by Jad Fair
You're Next by Jad Fair

They are amazingly clever, bold, funny and unique. They are paper cuts by Jad Fair. He offers them up on his website for sale. I posted 3 from his "monster section". They are all sold, however, but there are more. Have a look:
I have blogged about Jad before, but I have not blogged about his book, "Blue Skies and Monsters" published in Japan in 2006 by Map. Jad was kind enough to send me this book last May. Inside of it's beautiful sky-blue cover, one finds zillions of these folk art cut outs. The book also has drawings, a discography (starting with the musical group Half-Japanese) and a dvd slipped into the back cover that has even more surprises. You can buy a copy here. It's a high quality art book and I recommend it if you are lucky enough to snag yourself a copy. John Zorn says, "Jad Fair is the real deal. In a world of crumbling values his artistic vision remains consistently honest, authentic and original."
Thanks, Jad. This is my favorite book of the year.

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