Monday, February 28, 2011

Winner of my "Barbie as a Saint" contest

A guy named "Kevin" won this piece of original illustration art by me (Amy Crehore) with his answer:
"Saint Barbie of Kitsch, Our Lady of Plastic Curves"
Achieved sainthood after transcending from her born position as the beloved slave/servant of impossible glamour and conscripted consumption to which young hearts and minds were to be warped and molded for the greater corporate benefit to her current status as an icon of impossible glamour, conscripted consumption, transient job security, sexless love, and plastic surgery for an ever widening variety of worshipers who pray to the saint of crushed childhood dreams and plastic curves.

Please email me Kevin!

Thank you all for participating. I hope you had fun!

The Art of Amy Crehore

Friday, February 25, 2011

Final 24 Hours to enter my "Barbie as a Saint" Contest

Win an original piece of illustration art by me (Amy Crehore). I painted it many moons ago for Playboy magazine. (detail shown above)
The contest ends at noon PST, Sat. Feb 26, 2011.
Here's the LINK with rules to my contest.

Dzama at Zwirner

Marcel Dzama's "Behind Every Curtain" Exhibit (Feb 17-March 19, 2011) at David Zwirner in NYC looks interesting. Photo above shows a section of the exhibit and below is a trailer for a surreal film that he made, also part of the exhibit. I'm reminded of wonderfully inventive "theater of the absurd" or dada artists: Alfred Jarry (his Ubu Roi 1896), Hugo Ball and Hannah Hoch who came a bit later.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Crying Virgins

The literal translation means "handsome candy" or "sweet name". There are many crying virgins on this site and they are rated by viewers. Here's number one: Dulce Nombre de Malaga. She has beautiful crystal teardrops. (Spain)
antena3.123listas: LINK

Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cartoon about Uke Craze 1916 by Louis M. Glackens

Click to Enlarge!
The Backward Ukulele Player, a great ukulele blog, posted this cartoon from the New York Tribune, illustrated by Louis M. Glackens in 1916. This is perhaps the earliest depiction of the American uke craze that I have seen. It's the NYC craze! The drawing style is fantastic and super funny. This obscure illustrator is the same one that illustrated "Tell 'Em Again Tales" (1924), a children's book written by Marguerite Day, my grandmother's aunt. I did an earlier post about that book: LINK . Louis M. Glackens is the brother of the more famous artist, William Glackens. Not much can be found about Louis online, so I was super glad to run across this rare gem on The Backward Ukulele Player. Big thanks!

Friday, February 18, 2011

5th Anniversary of Little Hokum Rag: contest to win a piece of art by Amy Crehore

Piece of original illustration art by Amy Crehore (painted in oils on flat canvas, image is 7 3/4" x 5 3/4")
As you may know, I illustrated for many of America's top magazines starting in 1991 with Esquire and Playboy (my first big jobs). I'll never forget what a thrill it was to have my mug appear twice that year on the "Playbill" page. The magazines I have worked for over the years include: The Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, ESPN Magazine, Esquire, Forbes, GQ, Islands, The Los Angeles Times, MS., The New York Times, Outside, Playboy, Prevention, Redbook, Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly, Utne Reader and many more. I also did book covers for publishers such as Simon and Schuster and Houghton Mifflin. I even did a picture book once. I have drawers full of original illustration art. Most of my illustrations are oils on a piece of canvas taped to a board or on gessoed watercolor paper.
I plan to set up an online store soon to sell this illustration art (none of which appears on my website). Today, however, I am announcing a giveway contest for one of my originals. This one happens to be "Barbie as a Saint" (an illustration I did for Playboy).
Give this Barbie a saint's name and tell me what she did to deserve sainthood.
I will then pick the one I like the best and ship this painted little piece of "pop surrealism" to that person.
You have until Feb. 26th, noon PST to leave ONE comment on my blog. Anyone who leaves more than one comment and/or more than two sentences will be disqualified. I will decide who the winner is by Sunday night Feb. 27th, 2011, so watch my blog. I will ask that person to contact me via email.
Good luck and have fun! Love, Amy

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Thrush" Is a Great Little Film

I LOVE this little film that Xeni blogged on Boingboing

Thrush from Gabriel Bisset-Smith on Vimeo.

A Look Inside Dubway Recording Studio, NYC

Watch as my brother, Mike Crehore, and Al Houghton of Dubway Recording Studio in NYC present two artist-musicians, Vienna Teng and Ben Arthur, in a series of videos via Breakthrough Radio. Here is PART ONE and here is the LINK to the others which will air every day this week (also on YouTube). DUBWAY

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

5th Year Anniversary of "Little Hokum Rag"

"The Creature" painting, 2006, by Amy Crehore

On Feb. 18th, it will be Little Hokum Rag's 5th year anniversary. I plan to do some things to celebrate. Stayed tuned for another contest to win art. Meanwhile, have a look at my archives. For instance, here's a very happy memory from the summer of 2006, Santa Monica, CA:
If you don't see my archives to the right of this post, please access my archives by clicking on banner at top of page and going to home page.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Year of the Cat and Year of the Rabbit

Nip-Cat ukulele headstock image by Amy Crehore
Rabbit Foot Blues 1920s image- song by Blind Lemon Jefferson
You can still buy 2011 calendar with free CD at Bluesimages

"The Chinese word for rabbit is 'mao', which sounds like 'meo' in Vietnamese, where it means cat."

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fascinating Human Forms

Sculpture by Li Xiaofeng
Sculpture by Anders Krisár

Artist Li Xiaofeng likes to buy shards of broken porcelain recovered from ancient archeological digs for his sculptures. There is an interesting article about him with more images at Yatzer.

At Yatzer, I also read about a new book called "Doppelganger, Images of the Human Being" by Gestalten which features artists who are interested in the human form, like Anders Krisar. His woven human torso is shown above.
Article plus more images: LINK on Yatzer
Thanks, Lori, at Automatism