Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cartoon about Uke Craze 1916 by Louis M. Glackens

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The Backward Ukulele Player, a great ukulele blog, posted this cartoon from the New York Tribune, illustrated by Louis M. Glackens in 1916. This is perhaps the earliest depiction of the American uke craze that I have seen. It's the NYC craze! The drawing style is fantastic and super funny. This obscure illustrator is the same one that illustrated "Tell 'Em Again Tales" (1924), a children's book written by Marguerite Day, my grandmother's aunt. I did an earlier post about that book: LINK . Louis M. Glackens is the brother of the more famous artist, William Glackens. Not much can be found about Louis online, so I was super glad to run across this rare gem on The Backward Ukulele Player. Big thanks!


Unknown said...

I love it, Amy! Thanks for posting this!

alteredslates said...

I see inspiration for a painting with ' even the cats have the habit '; looks much like a theme of yours Amy :) Hmmm grass skirts... I must go out and find me a bobbl'n hip swing'n Hulu girl with a uke for me dashboard!

Amy Crehore said...

Those cats are the best!