Friday, February 25, 2011

Dzama at Zwirner

Marcel Dzama's "Behind Every Curtain" Exhibit (Feb 17-March 19, 2011) at David Zwirner in NYC looks interesting. Photo above shows a section of the exhibit and below is a trailer for a surreal film that he made, also part of the exhibit. I'm reminded of wonderfully inventive "theater of the absurd" or dada artists: Alfred Jarry (his Ubu Roi 1896), Hugo Ball and Hannah Hoch who came a bit later.

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alteredslates said...

I'm intrigued by the films trailer and will hope to find the entire piece to watch. I'm reminded of a 5 minute animated film produced by 'the bloody circus of scary dolls' a few years back called ' The White ~ The Black '; it too was chess pieces in a bloody battle supreme...I find the moral and civil implications suggested here an interesting parallel to our own current events.

class dismissed ;)