Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ukulele is in the Lead...

I am offering two new artist-signed limited edition prints for $50. each ...with small, signed pencil drawings tucked into at least ten of the orders (at random) for good measure. So far, the "ukulele" prints are leading the "guitar" prints in sales, 2 to 1. We shall see, as the days go by, which one sells out first. One image has two girls, a uke and mostly monkeys. The other has an allegorical feel to it with lots of different characters and one girl with a guitar. Thanks, for mentioning them here. And thanks, Creep Machine.
For more details, to purchase a print (with a chance at receiving a lucky pencil drawing):
Click HERE (new prints)
Before they are gone. Only 75 prints in these editions.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Special Deal: 2 New Crehore Prints-a Ukulele and a Guitar

"Monkey Love Song" by Amy Crehore
"Deja Vu Waltz" by Amy Crehore
It's been almost a year since I released a limited edition, signed giclee print. (The last one was called "The Creature".)
Here is a special deal for music and art lovers -
two new artist signed prints for only $50. each (plus shipping). "Monkey Love Song" features a ukulele and "Deja Vu Waltz" has a guitar in it.
There are only 75 prints in each edition.
Printed on Hahnemuhle acid-free photorag 308 gsm paper with the absolute finest quality printer using superior ultrachrome inks (by Sterling Editions). Comes in archival sleeve with free postcards and a certificate of authenticity. Each print is signed and numbered by artist Amy Crehore.
Ten customers will receive small, signed pencil drawings tucked in his or her order (numbers will be chosen at random).Follow this link to buy either of these two new prints (or both):
2 NEW PRINTS by Amy Crehore
P.S. I am also having a sale on all the other merchandise on my site. Ask about purchase plans for my original art.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knitters Sell Off Whole Town

Watch this video from BBC News. A group of women knitted an entire town. It took them 23 years. Now they are selling it off.
(thanks, mika)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Steve Lodefink's Cigar Box Guitar

Originally uploaded by steve_lodefink
Saw this on (thanks, Mark Frauenfelder) today which led me to Steve's flickr page (click on photo). I like the body and I really like the tuner buttons which are squiggly around the edges.

Which reminds me, my Tickler Uke #2 is actually done now, except for the tuner buttons which are being hand-carved out of blackwood.

For Steve's home-made telecaster go to

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WWI Flag Flower Postcards

Great Britain

Here are some unusual WWI postcards from the collection of
I love the drawings of flowers as flags and soldiers as insects. Two of them are smoking pipes. There's a frog with a helmet- that's cool, too. Follow the link to see more cards.

Rare Crehore Piano for Sale

This beautiful piano was made by Benjamin Crehore, an ancestor of mine (I think), who manufactured the first pianos in the U.S. in Milton, MA. (1915 article from the Boston Globe attesting to this: here.) Look at the pretty decoration and hand-lettering on this piano! I know there are other instruments by Benjamin Crehore in the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (bass viol and piano). This rare Crehore piano is among the items the Boston Public Library will offer at auction (Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers) in the coming months.
Here's the
Globe article.
They are also selling off their Audubon prints.

Friday, April 17, 2009

San Francisco Gets to See These

" Murmur of the Innocents"-a new series of paintings by Gottfried Helnwein. More photos HERE . Fascinating shots of the artist painting large, emotionally disturbing, photorealistic portraits of a pale little girl with a baby-powdered face and giant toys, a gun and... covered in blood (The Disasters of War, Part II). The paintings will be at Modernism Gallery in S.F., CA on May 7, 2009.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Newest Work in Slideshow Format

In case anyone missed my show in L.A. last month, here it is in mini slideshow format.

LINK on flickr if you want to see larger images.

Contact for information about acquiring my original art.

The Art of Amy Crehore

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

March Hares

Another goodie from Steve Chasmar via flickr
Click to enlarge. Just what is going on here? Two colors of rabbits, I see.
Must be a bunny dance of some sort.

Vintage Cigarette Cards

Girls-with-animals-and-things-on-top-of-their-heads. It's all the rage. I can't count the number of contemporary painters who have followed this fad. Is this where it all started? Here are just a few cigarette cards from the NYPL collection of over 700 hundred series (totaling thousands) from before 1900 to mid-20th century. You won't believe this collection.

NYPL Digital Gallery

The Art of Amy Crehore

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Woman with Flowers and more

Woman with Flowers 2009 12" x 9"
acrylic and oil on panel by Tasha Kusama

Project Room: Tasha Kusama"Prismatic"
April 15-May 9, 2009 (opening Wed 7-9pm April 15)
with a Liz McGrath Solo Show, "Shadowless Summer"
at a sweet little gallery on 128 Rivington in NYC:

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Crehore Tickler Uke #2 Coming...

Here's a glimpse of my design for my fine art Tickler Ukulele #2. As you can see, it is a pineapple shaped uke. I am all finished painting it now, so it is almost there! Built from scratch by a luthier, it has beautiful ivoroid binding around all sides, neck and headstock! Sweet. The top is spruce, the back and sides are mahogany. The neck is carved walnut. The wood is aged to perfection. Gold tuners with amber-colored buttons (I think), mother-of-toilet-seat fingerboard (pearloid), two rings of B&W rossette around sound hole, a thin strip of persimmon down the back of the neck. There is an end graft triangle of B&W ebony with an ivory border, plus an ivory "cloud" inlay on the bottom of the front (made from an old piano key). The bridge is ebony and there is an ebony cap on heel. It won't be long now (I know I promised it over a year ago, but who's counting). It just needs a few finishing touches and then I can photograph it and present it to you. I call it my hybrid Hawaiian/1920's Jazz design - featuring my trademark pierrot and a banana-skirted hula girl. My monkey in a sailor hat makes an appearance on the headstock.
P.S. Look for a spring sale of Tickler uke t-shirts and other prints on my website.
New prints are coming soon.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Jean Dupas (1882-1964)

This is one of my favorite Art Deco works. It was painted by Jean Théodore Dupas (born in 1882 -1964) a French painter, designer, poster artist, and decorator. He won the prix de Rome in 1910. In 1925, he showed this piece, at the Grand Exposition des Art Décoratifs in Paris. It is called "Les Perruches", one of his most famous oils on canvas. It's nice to see the preliminary sketch and a photo of the painting in it's location above a fireplace. Jean Dupas

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MAKE and the Maker Movement on Nightline tonight

If all goes according to plan (and there are no breaking stories to bump it), ABC's Nightline is running a segment tonight on MAKE and the maker movement. They taped a piece with Mark Frauenfelder and Mister Jalopy (Dinosaurs and Robots). There may be scenes from Maker Faire and Make: television as well. 11:35pm