Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ukulele is in the Lead...

I am offering two new artist-signed limited edition prints for $50. each ...with small, signed pencil drawings tucked into at least ten of the orders (at random) for good measure. So far, the "ukulele" prints are leading the "guitar" prints in sales, 2 to 1. We shall see, as the days go by, which one sells out first. One image has two girls, a uke and mostly monkeys. The other has an allegorical feel to it with lots of different characters and one girl with a guitar. Thanks, for mentioning them here. And thanks, Creep Machine.
For more details, to purchase a print (with a chance at receiving a lucky pencil drawing):
Click HERE (new prints)
Before they are gone. Only 75 prints in these editions.

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