Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Revisting 2016 (Crehore)

 "Land of the Twisted Trees" ©Amy Crehore (New Zealand collector)
"Venice By Foot" ©Amy Crehore (Italian collector)
 "Moonflower Nocturne" ©Amy Crehore (California collector)
"The Soaking Room" ©Amy Crehore (California collector)
"The Window" ©Amy Crehore (California collector)

The paintings shown above were all shipped to new homes in 2016.
I am so grateful for my collectors who live all over the world.
In 2016, I also participated in group shows in L.A.(Blab show), Chicago and Milan.
I look forward to showing my paintings in galleries in Italy and Japan in 2017.
Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming information about those shows.
I often show my painting progress on Instagram and you can follow me there as well.

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