Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Photos of My Art Ukes Strung Up, Restored




La Pacifica
Photos taken by Mark Lowrie at Thinkspace Gallery on opening night Feb 13, 2009
All banjo-ukes from 1920's
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I was not able to take photos of the ukes all strung up before I left for L.A., so I sent the gallery photos of the ukes without the strings on them. In some cases, such as banjo-ukes, the tailpiece/bridges were missing from the photos. Here are some shots of the banjo-ukes on the actual wall of Thinkspace Gallery. You can see them with strings, all fully restored and tuned by a professional luthier. I will be blogging the rest of the ukes (with strings), so stay tuned. The real beauty of the "Dreamgirls and Ukes" show is that each uke is a real instrument as well as a fine art object. Each was lovingly restored to playability. Some even have hand-crafted bridges and tailpiece (as in the case of La Pacifica).
This show will be up until March 6th.

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