Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nighttime Paintings in my Solo Show

"Nymph" Banjo-Uke painting by Amy Crehore 2009
"Song of the Wind" 6"x6" by Amy Crehore 2009
"Nighttime Ditty" "12 x 6" by Amy Crehore 2009
"Song of the Sea" 12"x 12" by Amy Crehore 2009
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People really seemed to like the nighttime paintings I did for my "Dreamgirls and Ukes" show.
All of these are oils on linen except for the one on the antique banjo, which is oil paint on the original hide head (varnished). The big tortoise is a new character... from Galapagos Islands. The "Nighttime Ditty" is a version of my "Snake Tamer's Ditty" of 2007. Please feel free to comment and I will answer any questions you might have.
All artwork is copyright 2009 Amy Crehore


About said...

They look so mystical.

Daisy Church said...

i loved the tortoise piece- it was one of my favorites of the show! :) would love to see more with him...

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks janet, I think it's the blue color that makes it seem so.

And Daisy-
I like the tortoise, too.
Thanks very much for your comments. Maybe I will do something more with him in the future.