Friday, February 06, 2009

My "Dreamgirls and Ukes" Show

Antique Ukulele painted by Amy Crehore 2009
Hokum Hallelujah, 12" x 18", oil on linen, copyright Amy Crehore 2009

My solo show, "Dreamgirls and Ukes", will open on Feb. 13, 2009 from 7-11pm. There will be a special performance at 9pm by my band, The Hokum Scorchers. I just posted all of my images for the show on FLICKR in two sets:
OR watch the whole show as a
Follow links to view them.
P.S. All of the ukes will be set up by a luthier for this show.


leemoyer said...

What a great series!

The night-time scenes are very beautiful. I love the Monkey Love Song, the Tortoise, and many others. Bravo!

Amy Crehore said...

Thank you so much, Lee!!