Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Lion Paintings in My Solo Show

"Please Don't Bug Me Blues" oil on linen by Amy Crehore 2009 12" x 18"
"Weed Smoker's Dream" oil on linen by Amy Crehore 2009 18"x 12"

"Stuck Here Blues" oil on linen by Amy Crehore 2009 14" x 14"
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The lion is a nice, gentle guy at heart, but sometimes he is a bit rough. He's quite a large creature. Very comfortable as a bed or chair for our girl. But, she also wants to get away from him sometimes and finds that she is stuck and he is holding on. He would be sad if she escaped. The monkey on the lion's back might represent his"addiction". And the roses seem to grow too wild and wrap around her legs (thorns) leaving a bit of blood on her ankle. She's got her vintage ukes: the green one and an old banjo. And there are a couple of big flying insects hanging around - bugging her. The flowers are over-size lollypops. "Weed Smoker's Dream" is an actual title of a blues song from the 1930's by the Harlem Hamfats.

The other two (song) titles I made up. The Art of Amy Crehore
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All artwork is copyright 2009 Amy Crehore

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