Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Zombie Walks

Homepage of Zombie Walk Forum
Photo by Melissa Churley- Toronto Zombie Couple
Richmond, VA flyer from last year
My friend Tom in Richmond, VA told me all about the Zombie Walk that happened last year in his city. Before that, I hadn't heard of it. But, if you google "Zombie Walk" you will see that it's happening all over the place. Crowds of people are stumbling down city streets like ghostly dead robots with fake blood dripping on clown-white foreheads and it looks like a blast. Who didn't see the film "Night of the Living Dead" in college 15 times? Some of the art that is being shown in hip lowbrow galleries reminds me of these photos of Zombie Walks. It does, it truly does. Maybe we all have a bit of zombie in us.
Wonder when the next one is? Go to this forum.

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