Friday, August 24, 2007

Very Unusual Tarot Card Deck 1945

"The University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies has scanned and published a full set of tarot cards created in 1945 by an inmate at the Dachau subcamp known as Allach. They are the size of normal playing cards.
Boris Kobe (1905 - 1981) – Slovenian architect and painter was a political prisoner at the concentration camp of Allach, a sub-camp of Dachau. (...) As a whole, this work of art represents a visual summary of life in a concentration camp, the main vehicle of which consists of Kobe's tragic and humiliating sequences spiced with acrid humor. At the same time, this tiny exhibit is a miniature chronicle of the twilight of humanity brought about by Nazism, which regarded a human being, and therefore the artist himself, as a mere number."
Link. (Thanks, Yaffa)
Thanks Xeni Jardin, boingboing

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The Whispering Path Tarot Readers said...

Extremely interesting and rare tarot cards. How exciting to have found them!