Friday, August 17, 2007

"The Charmer" Lure

"The Charmer" 1910 by The Charmer Minnow Company
"The Charmer" 2005 by Amy Crehore
I did a painting in 2005 called "The Charmer". Coincidentally, there is an antique fishing lure called "The Charmer" as well. I had not even heard of this lure when I named my painting.
I will soon be participating in a very unusual and exciting art show of hand-painted fishing lures. I will tell you more about this show in the near future!
The antique lure in the photo was "made by The Charmer Minnow Co., Springfield Missouri. Circa 1910. Commonly referred to as the Barber Pole Bait, the Charmer minnow is a classic old and antique fishing lure. The lure was created by F. W. Breder and J. H. Loyd. The Charmer Minnow has been found in 3 sizes, with or without eyes, and a assortment of colors."- read about lures and see a lot of fascinating antique fish lures here:

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