Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Keane Eyes Gallery

Here is something that I never knew: Margaret Keane, creator of the Famous Big-Eyed paintings (that are so influential to certain current lowbrow painters) had to go to court to prove that she painted them and not her ex-husband.
"You see, for many years she was married to a man who claimed credit for what she painted. To prove she was in fact the artist and not her former husband, she painted in court before a Federal Judge and jury, an original oil on canvas painting. When her ex-husband was asked to paint by the judge, his reply was: "I can't today, because I have a sore shoulder." Needless to say Margaret won the case and she continues to paint those Big Eyes we have come to love so dearly. " I remember friends in San Francisco picking these paintings up at flea markets for a song twenty years ago. It looks like vintage originals are going for quite a bit now. I like the ones with cats and a few of the others. Read and see more here about Margaret Keane, painter of big eyes. The website says she accepts commissions:

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