Friday, February 01, 2008

Number Two Tickler Uke Coming...

I want to thank all of the people who ordered my new t-shirt and all of the blogs that blogged about it and my art: Boingboing , Drawn! , Juxtapoz , J-Walk , Uke Hunt , ArtNYC, Fanpotai , Swankie Schedule , i hate peas , butternutcomics , daily yoghurt ,to name a few. And, thanks to the people who sent me some nice feedback.

About my new ukulele which is due out in February: I actually designed the uke itself, so it will not be a standard-looking uke like the last one. It is more detailed in it's construction and it will have some very special features that only a luthier could accomplish. That is why it is taking so long for the luthier (Lou Reimuller) to build it. It's entirely hand-crafted from scratch and it's a brand new uke design, yet it's still very traditional in it's own way.

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