Monday, February 25, 2008


Hugo Ball's world - 1916 -
they say he was the one who named it "dada".


Lori said...

Wow - very cool!

Liza Cowan said...

Hugo Ball and his wife Emmy Hennings are two of my earliest heroes and role models. I first read about them when I was still in high school, in the 1960's, and decided that the course of my life was to become a legend, like they were.

Maybe it wasn't such a brilliant idea, transferring my hopes of fame and success to the far distant future, so I've revised my goal for fame and success in this lifetime.

Nevertheless, could you find two cooler role models? Thanks again, Amy, for a great post.

Amy Crehore said...

Hi Lori, Hi Liza.
Nice to see you!

I like these images!
Crazy hokum dada.