Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Song

From Vega Catalog 1923
I'm going to try rotating different Hokum Scorchers songs on my website every Sunday night - just for fun. Have a listen to the Hokum Scorchers playing the 1920's song, "Papa Do Do Do" by Papa Charlie Jackson (this version was recorded in 1995). Lou Reimuller is playing a Vega Whyte Laydie guitar-banjo and I am on the washboard. I will be playing snare drum, tenor banjo, National plectrum, kazoo and singing on future songs. So, stay tuned for more craziness. Oh, and scroll down the page on this link for the player. My website is set up that have to scroll down to read it - like a blog.

P.S. The song will change every Sunday night!
So, it may be a different one by the time you read this.

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