Thursday, October 04, 2007

Newest Designer Toy Sensation!

Or is it? This little creature is NOT a vinyl toy. Although, at first glance, it looks just like one.
There is a current Smithsonian Magazine article by Laura Helmuth that talks about "a new book called, The Deep (The University of Chicago Press), by French documentary film producer Claire Nouvian. It may be the most comprehensive look at this mysterious world (of underwater creatures below 650 ft.) that we surface dwellers will get for a long time ...with over 200 photographs. The scientists who discovered the creatures were apparently as amused as we are, giving them names such as gulper eel, droopy sea pen, squarenose helmetfish, ping-pong tree sponge, Gorgon's head and googly-eyed glass squid."
Thanks to Lori Langille for the link to this article. Lori has this wonderful blog called Automatism and a website full of beautiful art. She's a Canadian designer and illustrator and she blogs about a lot of great stuff. So, have a look!


Dean said...

The publisher of The Deep, the University of Chicago Press, has a much more substantial gallery of photos on its website for the book.

Lori said...

Wow--I am seriously flattered. Thanks Amy! And now I'm going to enjoy a browse of your own wonderful blog...