Saturday, October 06, 2007

Herge and Tintin Unequaled

Herge with Andy Warhol in 1977. Photograph: Hergé-Moulinsart 2006
Tintin and Snowy
A post on boingboing about a Tintin movie reminded me of the original art and how much I love the clean graphic, surreal style of it. Herge's real name was Georges Remi and he was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1907 and died in 1983. He signed his drawings with Herge since he was 17 (reversing his initials to R.G. in French). Tintin and Snowy were first drawn in 1929 to appear in Le Petit Vingtieme, a children's supplement to a Belgian newspaper (which Georges Remi was chief editor of). The first Tintin book was published in 1930, "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets". The serialised strips were collected into 23 albums in all. The Pompidou Center in Paris had an exhibit devoted to Herge and his works this past year. Here's a picture of Herge and Andy Warhol in 1977 from the Guardian Unlimited blog article. You can tell that Andy is in awe of and humbled by the real "master" artist. It looks like Andy did a portrait of Herge (on the wall behind them). The article tells us at the end to "celebrate him"...yes, let's celebrate Herge's fabulous imagination and his thoroughly researched and amazing drawings.
Here is a fan site: Tintinologist
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