Monday, October 08, 2007

Hans Baldung Grien

"The Witches", Monochrome Print 1510 (Louvre)
Detail -"Mater Dolorosa" from Freiburg Cathedral 1516

Hans Baldung Grien 1529 "Music", Munich
"Hans Baldung was a German painter and graphic artist (1484-1545).
By 1503 Baldung had become a member of Albrecht Dürer's workshop. It was probably here that he acquired the nickname 'Grien', perhaps a reference to his use of the color green.
He was responsible for introducing supernatural and erotic themes into German art. He often depicted witches." His masterpiece was the multi-paneled high altar for the Freiburg Cathedral. He was wealthy when he died in Strasbourg in 1545. Link:
Hans Baldung Grien
I like this symbolic painting of music with the female nude, a cat and a violin.
The Art of Amy Crehore
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