Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Bergman Enjoyed the Process"

Ingmar Bergman
Woody Allen
I have not been keeping up with things in the news for the past couple of years and I'm behind on everything that I used to enjoy so much, like movies and things. I'm too wrapped up in my own work. But, I happened across this NY Times article yesterday.It is lovingly written by Woody Allen about his great friend and inspiration, Ingmar Bergman, who died July 31, 2007. There are some very interesting things in it. Woody writes:
"I did manage to absorb one thing from him, a thing not dependent on genius or even talent but something that can actually be learned and developed. I am talking about what is often very loosely called a work ethic but is really plain discipline. I learned from his example to try to turn out the best work I’m capable of at that given moment, never giving in to the foolish world of hits and flops or succumbing to playing the glitzy role of the film director, but making a movie and moving on to the next one."
Making art or films is not all about ego, money, or parading around for attention. For some, it's about the actual creative process: challenging oneself and turning out good work, a striving for quality and moving on to the next. Read the rest:
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