Friday, October 19, 2007

Step 3: Blocking in Color for "Honeybee"

First color round for "Honeybee" by Amy Crehore 2007
Here is my first attempt at color for my "Honeybee" painting. I usually try to block in the background first. The green grass and tent. Then, I move on to the figures, keeping in mind that I want to set up a pattern of harmonious color moving throughout the whole painting to connect all of the components. Here, I have chosen a limited palette of sap green mixed with indian yellow, plus some olive green, raw umber, white and cobalt blue. I painted the shadow areas of the girl with a mixture of cadmium red light and sap green. I used white paint (Permalba) mixed with indian yellow for her skin highlights and then blended it to produce the color that you see here. I am painting "wet on wet".
I may decide to add more color to the composition, perhaps an accent of red. I wanted to coat the surface with an initial layer of paint first, but everything will ultimately have many more layers before the painting is fully realized. I have not worked on this surface before, I usually use an oil-primed linen, but I am trying something new. It is an acrylic-primed cradled board from Dick Blick. It seems to be working out fine. I am also adding "liquin" to my paint for speedier drying. I don't add anything else. Check back to see my progress in the days to come.

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Bruce del Oeste said...

So nice. I love watching paintings progress.

The drawings on your site look'll take me a week to see them all. I'd sleep well under a quilt made up of all those squares.

Go Amy, go!

(found you via boingboing)