Monday, October 29, 2007

Vintage Sheet Music Covers, University of Colorado Library

I have a tendency to use blues or rag song titles for the titles of my paintings. Most often I just make them up, but sometimes I am inspired by the real thing. There is a large collection of vintage sheet music covers in the University of Colorado digital library. They are appealing not only for the poetic quality of the song titles, but for the design quality of the artwork and hand-lettering as well. Here, I have shown a selection from 1903-1915.


Anonymous said...

I really like how those covers look. They kind of give off that classical retro 50's look. I wouldn't mind using them.

Anonymous said...

1850's look; certainly these way predate mid-20th century. Most likely these are very early 1900s. 1950's look is quite different from this. These are simply gorgeous