Friday, June 26, 2009

What am I working on?

Amy Crehore 2009 preliminary sketch
Amy Crehore 2009 preliminary sketch
I'm working on oil-primed fiberboard right now. I usually paint on linen, so this is a little bit different for me. I'm doing a couple of 12"x12" paintings in preparation for a show at comic-con in San Diego which I will tell you more about soon. I have posted some partial images (above) as a teaser. My process goes like this: first, I sketch the image in with raw umber (after transferring a pencil drawing to the board) and then, I rub raw sienna over the entire surface (or vice versa), so that I won't be painting on a stark white board. I plan to fill in some of the color today and "lose myself" in painting. Stay tuned....
Oh yeah, feel free to add a limerick to the post below if you'd like a chance to win an art t-shirt and a limited edition print. Use Edward Lear for inspiration!

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