Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vintage Japanese Book Covers


A Journey Round My Skull Blog (one of my favorite blogs) has posted some incredible specimens of early 20th century Japanese Book Covers. The worn-out quality only adds to the appeal of these designs. I needed some inspiration today and this is it. The 1920's is my favorite period of design, illustration, music and fine art. Even in Japan, surrealism and art deco were flourishing. "These covers come from Bookcover Design in Japan 1910s-40s (ISBN 4-89444-426-7) edited by Masayo Matsubara. Published in 2005 by PIE Books, this incredible book is already out-of-print and becoming hard to find."
Please follow this link to view more extraordinary book covers from Japan:


Liza said...

That's so funny. I JUST looked at Journey Round My Skull for the first time. I mean, like 2 seconds before I came over to you. How wierd is that?

Amy Crehore said...

Weird! Your radar was out. :)
It's a great blog.

Unknown said...

wow, what a great find! Love the imagery- such a unique blend of different influences! : D thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

On Lion, Fair slept
On Fair, Bee crept
Flowers thought funny
How Bee searched for honey
Wondering what Fair hath dreampt