Thursday, August 07, 2008

Catalina Pottery Show at SF Airport

Playing the flower pots on Catalina Island
angelsouza has a set on flickr of the great Catalina Pottery Show at the SF Airport -
which I was lucky enough to see on my way to NYC and on the way back, too. I love the island of Catalina (off the coast of CA)- it reminds me so much of Italy. I only went there once and I did not even realize that from 1927-1937 Catalina had a thriving pottery business. So, I was surprised to see this massive show full of colorful art deco pieces at the airport.
Here's another link from the Catalina Collectors Blog of the entire pottery show at the airport.
And here is a link to some cool old postcards of Catalina Island, CA. I'd love to go back to Catalina Island in the future.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, Catalina sure did some nice work back in the day! And such a nice day trip to go there now. I wonder if they used native clay from the island?

Amy Crehore said...

Yes, I think I read that they used native clay!