Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Join My Email List

July 25, 2008- Photo of me at the Ad Hoc Art exhibition
Hi. I just added a page to my website with a form that makes it easier to join my email list. I do send out little email newsletters every now and again (not too often, so don't worry about spam) with details about art shows that I'm in or announcing new prints, products (ukes, for instance) or paintings. If you would like me to add you to my list, please go here and fill out the form:
Thanks! And you can always subscribe for free to this blog. Use the links on the right-hand side column (near the bottom). There is a link for email subscriptions if you prefer to have Little Hokum Rag delivered by email. Click the one that says: "Subscribe to Little Hokum Rag by email".

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