Friday, August 08, 2008

Mike Shine Paints

Art by Mike Shine
Sometimes I get good stuff in my emails. Too bad I don't live in San Francisco. Tonight is the opening of "8 Tracks and Wallbangers", the Art of Mike Shine (6-9pm) at Fecal Face Dot Gallery
on 66 Gough St. @Market - Thurs & Fri (4-8pm) Sat & Sun (12-6pm). Show runs from Aug 8 - 31, 2008.
From the Fecal Face Dot Gallery newsletter:
"The gallery is covered in Mike Shine's harmoniously colored drift wood paintings which are hung on his site specific wall murals. Mike is a painter who mixes driftwood, reclaimed house paint, Nordic mythology, insomnia, 1970's pop culture, absinthe, Teutonic philosophy, his wife, and woodworking skills leftover from a previous life- to make art that is one part uplifting and two parts disturbing. His coastal art/surf shack was recently featured in Fecal Face's Art Mondays (
view it ), and intrigued us to bring his work into the Fecal gallery for a closer look. "
Be sure to check out Mike Shine's website- it's strange and cool:

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