Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Georgeanne Deen's Music

"The Love That Has No Opposite" by Georgeanne Deen 2008

I remember Georgeanne Deen's art - from covers of underground comics; early Juxtapoz; a book cover, album cover, or magazine page; and gallery shows all over the place. A few weeks ago, I happened to see a few paintings of hers at a gallery in NYC called Smith-Stewart. This led me to have another look at her wacky and cool website, Western Witch. I clicked around and finally landed on her music page and had a listen to a few of the songs that she wrote. I like them very much. They are spooky, a little sad and surreal like her art, and they are funny and charming. She plays keyboards and sings with Mackie Osborne (bass) and Amanda Ferguson (accordion). Deen is a wonderfully creative artist from L.A. and she's got this western witch thang going on. Have a listen to her soulful music:
Songs -Western Witch

The Art of Amy Crehore

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