Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Word "Flower" Will Find Me

"The Flower Muncher", painting by Amy Crehore

Someone pointed out to me a while back that if you do an image search on google for the word "flower", my painting "The Flower Muncher" is right there on the first page. In fact, if you google the names of my series or the individual titles of my paintings, they can often be found on the first page of web listings and/or images. That's pretty nifty.
Here's my news: I now have a show lined up in NYC (July 2008) and a solo show in L.A. in Feb. 2009 and various group shows in-between in other places, so I am currently painting away on new works. The # 2 Tickler Uke is still in production, unfortunately. Sometimes really good things take longer than expected. It's a nice spring day here in Oregon after a week of craaaazy weather. And...this is the last day of a 20% off print sale at Pressure Printing.

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