Monday, March 10, 2008

Howard and Barbara Armstrong's Art

Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong
"That was under the house where I lived. The cat thinks I'm disturbing his domain. There wasn't a cat in the neighborhood that liked me. I'd pull the hair out of a cat's tail to make a paint brush. I'd tie it to a goose quill with thread." -Howard Armstrong, drawing by Howard Armstrong
"I always made clothes and dolls, and it was nothing new. I was focused on dance and theater and never in my wildest imagination did I take what I was doing as an ‘art form.' And all of a sudden, the dolls that were sitting in my backyard appeared in the Museum of Fine Arts and they had a new term, ‘soft sculpture.'" -Barbara Ward Armstrong, Dolls by Barbara Ward Armstrong
"My goal is to use soft sculpture imagery to visually state our experiences, to expand the knowledge about ourselves and others from different racial backgrounds. My inspiration comes from living."- Barbara Ward Armstrong
There is so much more to this story, just follow the link.
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The Art of Amy Crehore


gregor said...

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Armstrong in the seventies when he was doing the folk festival circuit with Mssrs. Martin and Bogen. He's quite the character. Always had a story to tell and was always gracious about the attention of fans. Good fellow, him.

Anonymous said...

two of the loveliest most remarkable and talented people i have ever met. i was very fortunate to spend time with them at the port townsend blues festival. reynold