Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad links, what can ya do?

Blab Show paintings 2006 by Amy Crehore

I noticed that a heck of a lot of old links going to pages on my website are not working. That's because my website host made us change to a new template program a few months ago. I have tried to go back into my blog archive and correct some of these links, but I know that a lot of external links from other blogs and such are dead now. Hopefully people will google my name and find my new website if they are interested enough. Maybe some of these blogs will correct their links.


Your driver said...

Off the subject, but I just received my Tickler Ukulele t-shirt and postcards. I'm very pleased with everything. I'll be needing something to wear when performing with my neo-psychedelic ukulele ensemble. Actually, the ensemble is projected. So far no one wants to join me, but I'm sure the shirt will give me a dashing look just when I need it. Thanks.

Amy Crehore said...

Ha ...thanks! Glad you like it!!

Your driver said...

A day or so after posting the comment the band, such as it is, had it's first rehearsal. Today, after our second rehearsal, a third member joined. I was wearing the t-shirt at the time. I'm sure it helped.