Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Comic Art of Evan Evans

The Ice Skate 2006 by Evan Evans
Okay. I found this comic artist talking favorably about my new t-shirt on the Ukulele Forum at King David Ukulele Station , a French Uke blog.
Evan Evans has a handful of great comics on his blog - like the one above.
He needs to update his blog or he will never be able to compete at the blogger festival, but as far as his comics go, they are very clever and well-drawn!
So, have a look at the Comic Art of Evan Evans


Anonymous said...

"I post some images as a teasing." Love this guy, and the auto translation from French makes it even better.

I'm in love with his color schemes. The salmon with the green - divine.

Thanks for the link, Amy, as usual.

Amy Crehore said...

Yes, I see that he posted something very funny today!
I went back to his blog and looked.