Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hokum Music & Comic Art

Comic book cover by Amy Crehore 1984

The link wasn't working this morning so I deleted my blog post from yesterday. But, it seems to be working now, so here it is again -a link to thumbnails of Yazoo album covers and comic covers mostly by Robert Armstrong and R. Crumb. It's a picture search for Hokum Boy's music. You will see a little thumbnail of "Boys and Girls Grow Up" comic book cover, also, with a little blurb about my Hokum Scorchers band if you mouse over it. (refresh the page if link page doesn't show thumbnails right away)
Here's another link about HOKUM BOYS . Musictonic looks like a very nice website.
Read also wikipedia's article on Hokum .
The Hokum Scorchers (and Lou Reimuller's earlier band,The Fabulous Daturas) did play some Hokum Boy's music. Wikipedia mentions the Hokum Boys in this article. Here's a link to a pre-war hokum-style tune played by the Hokum Scorchers (this one is by Papa Charlie Jackson, however).

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