Sunday, January 13, 2008

My New Website

"The Creature" by Amy Crehore 2006
I thought I would post my "Creature" painting again for all of the ukulele fans out there. (Actually it's not mine anymore, it's the Frauenfelder's.) Hey, my new website is looking pretty good now finally. I had to rebuilt it all because the webhost updated their template program. It's just as well because my old sight was sort of cluttered. This one is clean, but I'm sure I will clutter it up eventually, too. Just like my house. Sometimes I think I'll have to move to a new house in order to throw stuff away and start over with a clean slate.
Anyway, I have a few new things happening in a couple of weeks that I'm excited about. Check out the January "news" section on my homepage for a hint of what's to come.
And have a look around. (Still working at fine tuning it, though.)
I even have a music player with a Hokum Music ditty.

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