Friday, January 11, 2008

Johnny Depp's Brother, Gustave Courbet

Yes, it does look like Johnny Depp! It's Courbet's self-portrait, a "Desperate Man". You can view the current Courbet exhibition in Paris in a video tour (including "Nude Woman Reclining" ) here:
Gustave Courbet’s sensuous “Nude Woman Reclining” is now hanging at the Grand Palais in Paris. It was previously thought to be lost. Read the story here. The Courbet show heads to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in February! You can also see the painter’s most infamous work, “The Origin of the World" in this retrospective show. Might be worth a trip to NYC.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

thank you for your link to my website
Have a nice weekend.

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Gabriele (Germany, Berlin)

Anonymous said...

He is even more beautiful than johnny depp !!