Monday, January 28, 2008

Vintage Cartoons

Young Cab Calloway
Betty Boop- Minnie the Moocher 1932 produced by Max Fleischer
You can watch vintage cartoons like "Minnie the Moocher" featuring Cab Calloway here:


Anonymous said...

Very Cool, Amy. I tried to link this on my site when I mentioned Betty Boop and couldn't figure out how to. Isn't Betty the best?? Everything I know about Jazz I know from Betty. And look at that gorgeous young Cab Calloway.

For cartoon lovers I highly recommend a book called Hollywood Flatlands, about the influence of Cartoons on, well, on everything good about modern art and culture. A densely intellectual book, it isn't an easy read but so worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

CC looks like Prince!

- Tom

Amy Crehore said...

I know-he looks like Prince! Someone else said that, too.
It's a great photo of him.
I remember seeing CC him at the Richmond Mosque.