Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Photos of the Past

The train set under the tree is a great tradition. How many of you had one? My friend Valerie in Barcelona sent me a terrific link to some old Christmas images -Papa Ted's Place: LINK. That's where I found these photos. The top photo was the Keen family tree in 1920 (image originally from Click on these pictures to see all of the tiny details! The bottom photo is not politically correct, but it's fascinating. I remember going to NYC when I was young to visit my grandmother and seeing all of the fabulous Christmas displays. Of course, these photos are way before my time!
Merry Christmas everyone!


Unknown said...

Amy, Thanks for all the cool links to Christmas Photos!

Hope you are having a nice Christmas! I am waiting for the girls to show up for a Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas - Tom

Amy Crehore said...

Merry Christmas, Tom!
Thanks for the card.