Saturday, December 05, 2009

Picasso Aquatints Found in a Book

Thirteen Picasso aquatints were found in a book of poetry that was once owned by his lover Dora Maar. "The aquatints were found by chance earlier this year when Professor Andrés Soria began leafing through the pages of an illustrated edition of a book of poems by the Spanish poet Luis de Góngora, which was bought by Spain's National Library a decade ago." It looks like Picasso had torn the original illustrations out of the book and replaced them with his own.
The 13 etchings are now on display in Madrid, at an exhibition dedicated to the influence of "The Generation of 1927", which includes the painter Salvador Dalí, the poet Federico García Lorca and the film-maker Luis Buñuel. Read article: by Giles Tremlett, the Guardian

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