Monday, December 14, 2009

Hysteria Exhibition at Freud Museum

If you live in London, you can see a sculpture exhibit called "Hysteria" by artist Mat Collishaw at the Freud Museum (until Jan 3, 2010). I had been watching TateShots, videos of artists on the Tate Channel, and I found this particular artist to be quite intriguing:
The photo above (from timeout) shows one of three tree stump sculptures, with turn tables built-in, playing bird songs. There is also a fascinating kinetic sculpture with many little cupid-like boys hammering large nests of blue eggs. And, a mirror with spooky, animated cigarette smoke. Collishaw's art installation goes perfectly with the whole Freud office/couch setting. It's very Victorian-feeling. Too bad I don't live in London.
More short films with artists can be found here:

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