Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wild Costume Party on the S.S.Conte Rosso, 1920's

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In my old box of family tricks, I found a couple of interesting group shots of people who are dressed in Halloween costumes. They are on board a ship called the S.S. Conte Rosso (the Red Count). My great, great aunt Louise Forde is probably in one of these photos. She lived in Italy for many years. My grandmother could also be in the photos. She went to visit her aunt in Italy and was a flapper during this time period.
Wikipedia says, "the SS Conte Rosso was an Italian ocean liner active in the early 20th century and noted for her lavish Italian interior decoration. Because much of its sailing would be in warmer waters, the designers included an outdoor dining area, unusual for ships of this era. The ship entered service in 1922 carrying passengers between Italy and New York. She was the first new transatlantic liner built after World War I and the largest Italian liner to date."
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