Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tennis Anyone? 1890

Jesse Louise Forde around 1890 (Stanley H. Forde's sister)Jesse Louise Forde 1890 posing with Tennis Racket
Jesse Louise Forde on the far right, bottom with tennis club of 1890

Group shot at Lotus Point 1891, (Ms. Forde is second from left)
If you have been following my blog, you'll remember that I posted some interesting family
camping photos of 1890 & 1891 a little while ago ("Lotus Point", NY). Steampunk enthusiasts really seemed to enjoy them. Here is that same group of camping women from 1891(bottom photo) posing in country hats with fans, a tea kettle and dolls out in the field. These must be silly costumes for the photo...I can't believe they would normally wear these outfits, would they? My great, great aunt Jesse Louise Forde is in this photo (second from left).
Jesse Louise Forde was Stanley H. Forde's sister. I blogged about him, too.
They were both stage performers/singers in NYC and elsewhere, but Jesse Louise ended up moving to Italy to sing in operettas. I have more old photos of her friends and career, but here she is as a young girl with her tennis buddies and posing with a tennis racket. It's interesting to see what the girls were wearing back then to play tennis in. I'm still playing history detective!
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