Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vintage Photos of Twins

(Vintage family photos, Amy Crehore)
(Vintage family photos, Amy Crehore)
I found these two photos in my box of old stuff. Twins make great subjects for photos especially when wearing the same outfts. Perhaps the ladies in the top photo are mama and auntie of the kids in the bottom photo. I think it's around 1910 Italy because I found a postcard with those same kids on the front (dressed in the same outfits) and it had a postmark. It was addressed to one of my relatives who lived in Florence, Italy at the time (signed "love from Filippo"). People liked to have postcards made of their personal photos back then and send them to all their friends.
The Art of Amy Crehore
P.S. The people shown above are not my relatives. They are just friends of relatives.


Cherish Hellfire said...

I can't even imagine what else you have in your "box of old stuff", but it must be magic. Is it even a "real" box, or a virtual box of ideas? I've a magic box that's very real, but the stuff that comes out of it isn't as cool as your stuff. lol!

Amy Crehore said...

It's a real box and some of it had even been in a flood and survived- The big flood in Florence, Italy in 1966. My relative that lived in Italy was a singer. Her brother was a singer in NYC. They both sang operettas.

Cherish Hellfire said...

Well, I'm excited that it survived. the pictures of the twins and camping are priceless themselves. It must be a real boon to your family to have that much of their history saved through the ages, and now that your digitizing the contents of the box, it can never be lost again, unless we lose the internet someday.

Amy Crehore said...

It's a bunch of photos and scrapbooks my grandmother saved.
I think my family went through it and kept some of the main portraits and things, but the rest was miscellaneous clippings and pictures, so old that no one cared.
Some of the stuff is not in great shape, but when you scan it, it gives it new life.

Unknown said...

I love the first photo. They look like mirror images of each other. I've just been blogging on exactly this subject: