Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stolen: Beautiful "Olympia" Painting by Magritte

" 'Olympia', a nude inspired by Magritte’s wife and muse Georgette, was taken off the wall of the small gallery in the artist’s former home while museum staff and visitors were ordered to lie down in the back garden." read the whole story at TIMES ONLINE UK
I was not aware of this painting before. It's absolutely gorgeous. More personal than some of his other work. It is like a snapshot taken on vacation of a very real, intimate moment shared by Magritte and his wife. Yet, it is also surreal. The article says that an x-ray of the painting revealed a toad on her stomach that he had painted over. I am so glad he changed the toad into a large shell! However, now that I know that, I keep expecting a toad to crawl out of there.
I do hope the painting is found and returned to the museum. Sounds like the museum staff had quite an unfortunate scare.
(thanks, boingboing)

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