Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Paintings by Thomas Woodruff

"Saturn" by Thomas Woodruff
"Uranus" by Thomas Woodruff

Ever since I went to NYC in July, I have been anticipating the Thomas Woodruff show at PPOW. It opens Oct. 10, 2008, but the images are up on the gallery website already. It's called "Solar System (The Turning Heads)". And, leave it to Thomas Woodruff to come up with something even more sparkly and fantastic than he's already done. These images can be turned upside down in an old-fashioned topsy turvy way. He's cool. His technical abiIities are nothing short of amazing. I'll never forget when he showed in Eugene at the museum here. I've been a fan of his forever. He's got a website now: . It's still being worked on, but his "Freak Parade" images are up and you can read his bio. Meanwhile, have a look at his new "Solar System" show online here:


Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,

Thanks for the kind words, it's Thomas Woodruff. Would love to have you see the new works in person, I think you'd like them, and I'd love to meet one of these days.

Amy Crehore said...

Wow...thanks for stopping by, Tom! I wish I could go to your show. Best always and hope to meet someday, too.