Sunday, September 14, 2008

Louise Brooks, Muse of Artist, Guido Crepax

Louise Brooks
Art by Crepax, from "Valentina"
I am honored to have my bio and my "Caged Wonder" painting included in a new German language art encyclopedia of 1,000 fantastic/surreal/visionary/symbolic artists throughout art history and the world (due out later this year). The publisher in Vienna sent me an impressive list of "C" names chosen for the book (I will write more about this book later):
Cáceres, Cadmus, CAESAR, Cahun, Callot, Caltia, Calvet, Camacho, Campbell, Cañamares, Capova, Cardenas, Carra, Carrà, Carrington, Caruana, CASTIGLIA,, Cebis, Celan, Chab, Chagall, Char, Charnine, Charusa, Chavée, Chebotarev:, Chef, Cheval M. , Chibbaro, Chido, Christensen J, Christian antony, Chromy, Ciurlionis, Clerici, Cocteau, Coe, COEN, Cogollo, colinet, Collien, COLOMBINO, Colquhoun, Conner, Corben, CORCUERA, Cornell, Coudenhove, Coutaud, Crepax, Crepaz, Crevel, Criste , Croy, Csech, CUEVAS, Culmann, Cummings, CZERNIAWSKI, Crehore, Citroen, Cronin, Cristòfol, Ceccoli, Czerwinski.

I am having fun looking up some of the names on this list. For instance, here is artist, Guido Crepax. At least, I assume it's the very same person. Miss Louise Brooks was his muse. That woman inspired so many! I like his line work very much. "Guido Crepax (born Guido Crepas in Milan, 1933-2003) was an Italian comics artist, who deeply influenced the European adult comics world in the second half of 20th century. He is most famous for his character Valentina, created in 1965 and very representative of the spirit of the sixties." More about Crepax(or Crepas) on wikipedia. He's big in Italy according to my friend who lives over there. There is a cool video of him on YouTUBE, but it's all in Italian. And, if you want to read all about Louise Brooks follow this link.
The Art of Amy Crehore

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