Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Got Good Things in the Mail

Here's the original ink drawing I bought from Robot Johnny's store.
"Sob, Sob" by John Martz.
Nice personalized autograph depicting a monkey with a sailor hat, drawn by Martz in the front of my copy of "Warm-Up Drawings". (Gee, I almost like it better than my own monkeys. Those ears and teeth are so great.) Here is the cover of John Martz's new collection of warm-up drawings in small, adorable book form.

Sometimes I get good things in the mail. Like my Nate Williams pillows or an original drawing and book from illustrator/cartoonist John Martz.
Martz does the funniest little drawings and I picked this one out ("Sob, Sob") because it reminds me of myself. A little crybaby. Always crying the blues. It reminds me to wipe those tears and keep on drawing because each new drawing is the key to happiness. There are quite a few cool things in Robot Johnny's store. You will have to go see for yourself. Everyone has an opportunity to own an original Martz drawing. Thanks, Johnny!


Your driver said...

One of the best internet art deals I have ever gotten came from Jad Fair of Half Japanese. For a truly nominal sum, I think it was $35, I bought a drawing. Jad sent along several other pieces including one that was signed and dedicated to me. Jad has since affiliated with a gallery and raised his prices, but I still like his stuff, and it is still quite inexpensive.

Amy Crehore said...

Jad and his brother David are truly nice people as well as being great artists.
I have blogged about them before and that reminds me, I should do it again. I, too, have received lovely things from them in the mail.