Wednesday, September 17, 2008

People I Met in NYC at My Show

"Black Sheep" painting by Jenn Porreca
"Megan" painting by Esao Andrews

"Stasis" painting by Martin Wittfooth

Martin Wittfooth standing in front of Jenn Porreca's paintings at our show in Brooklyn
Esao Andrews and Jenn Porreca on that hot, summer night
Speaking of NYC - while I was visiting over the summer, I was lucky enough to meet three very special painters at my art opening in Brooklyn: Jenn Porreca, Esao Andrews and Martin Wittfooth. Jenn, of course, was part of my show at Ad Hoc. Meeting Martin and Esao was an added bonus. I greatly enjoyed seeing Jenn's work in person. It has an art nouveau flavor and a whole lot of soul. I hear she likes Lotte Reiniger's silhouette animations and so do I. Not a bad influence to have!
Esao arrived on the scene minutes before closing time and the gallery director, Andrew, brought out a wonderful painting by him to show us before the gallery closed for the night. I have been a fan of his for some time now. You never know where his art will take you, from fantasy to reality and back again. His paintings of women are among my favorites. His pure talent is endless.
At the end of the evening, a group of us made our way over to Martin Wittfooth's studio where we all got to see a sneak preview of the paintings for his show, "Sandcastles in the Tide", just before he shipped them to Santa Monica. That was a thrill. His paintings are dream-like and surreal, victorian and modern all at the same time.
What a great group of people. Have a look at their websites to view more art. I am still blogging my NYC stories. My trip was so fun-packed that it's hard to remember them all.

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